Sharing today from Facebook referral. It was a quick call, just about 30 to 45 minute but indeed it's blow up again my spirit with SmartMomWays Publishing Books. Found that someone out there have the same sense and feeling on building the same way, though off course different result. Conversation was started in FB inbox, then went to skype call and follow by friendship invitation on linkedin. *) One of my British friend call me "cloud lady" as I really familiar with ll of this "things".


H : "Hi, I am interesting with your offer regarding creation of children books with approximate 28 pages each."

S : "Hi, what kind of book do you have?"

We start discussing more details topic and planning which finally we discussed verbally through skype. The one which I would like to highlight here was not only about the deals, but also more about the fact that we did the same thing. Being a publisher not because we really would like to generate more profit but to help them to ease publishing their books. Yes, as simple as that. Do something that we love and useful for others :). Children book wasn't simple as young adult or adult books. We need to be more visual and having good design of characters and layout. Should always more creative and innovative not only to attract the children but as well their parents. We can't deny that most of the sales we're getting was driven by parent initiative, whose picked those books for their children. One of the publisher challenge to deal with this market niche.

I could say that both of us were a bit ideal. Would like to publish only education books, considering market value, culture, religion, limitless language and focus on application development.

Btw, i should have sent my reply and follow up instead of writing this article, but i found it might be useful :). Finding a spirit was not looking for reason or digging hole to get some worms. Its about hear, listen, see and act. What ever we need were among us, its just maybe we're not seeing it. Same with a "chance", its here, waiting to be found.

Are you a publisher? Which side are you fallen to? 😉

Are you a writer? So now, we challenge you. Would like to be part of our project? Easy submit your idea.

- Create 1 story

- Educative story (have an added value, related to a good deeds or culture or habits)

- Simple word and easy to understand

- not more then 2 page of A4, font Calibri, space 1,5

- in English

- Book will be available in interactive applications

Contract will be with SmartMomWays but to be distribute by Los Angeles, USA - Publisher.

Send email to:

Subject: 28P_SMW_USA_Title


Wish you all the best, use this opportunity to spread your wings ;).