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Chapter 1 : What does a Life Coach do?

An introduction about Life Coach, how it works and what can be done?


Chapter 2 : 6 Types of Life Coaching

Knowing and understanding the 6 types of Life Coaching. Identify the needs, should you have one? Rolling and defining your goals. 



Chapter 3 : Be the Best Version of Your Self

The methodology, implementing the quick check list, measuring your situation and start building the framework.

1hrs. 0min.

Chapter 4 : It's time the play the "Game"

Drill down the actions and explore the "situation". Follow the concept and models! Apply it within your "case".


Chapter 5 : Understanding Your Brain

 Meet your brain, understanding how it works and the relation with your actions using Neuroscience Approach.


Henny Irniawan

Life Coach

Be the better version of your self! Life Coaching is your opportunity to take your life from good to Great...

Open Your Mind

Nothing is impossible.  Nothing can't be changed. It's all about us, It's about our mindset!

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